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Southern Cooking


Beans & Cornbread Dinner Menu

Mon. – Fri. 4 - 7 PM
Please inquire with your server

  Fried Catfish Fingers
Farm raised catfish strips seasoned and fried.
$ 8.50
  Firecracker Shrimp*
Spicy shrimp sautéed in cayenne barbeque sauce.
$ 9.50
  Sautéed Salmon Croquette
Served with collard greens, portabello mushrooms and drizzled with a roasted red pepper butter.
$ 8.50
  Basket of Down Home Chicken Wings
Served fried, spicy barbeque style or a combination of both.
$ 8.50
  Harlem Burrito
Collard greens, tomatoes, black eyed peas and rice rolled in a grilled flour tortilla. Served with a Spanish Harlem salsa.
$ 8.00
  Louisiana Style Gumbo*
Shrimp, chicken and andouille sausage in a dark roux and served with rice.
Cup: $4.50
Bowl: $5.50
  Garden Salad
Served with choice of raspberry vinaigrette, ranch style dressing, French or Italian.
  Grilled Chicken or Salmon Caesar Salad $8/$9
Served with one side item.
Cornmeal dusted and topped with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce.
  B & C Burger
Hand pattied lean ground beef topped with American cheese.
  Vegetarian Sloppy Joe
Crumbled soy protein topped with barbeque sauce and sautéed onions.
  Pork Chop
Fried or grilled center cut chop served open faced with a side of brown gravy.
Main Plates
All plates served with homemade cornbread and sweet potato muffins unless otherwise noted.
3 Sides
2 Sides
Country Seasoned Pork Chops
Your choice of two center-cut chops fried, barbeque style or smothered in red eye gravy.
$16.00 $15.00
Mama's Meat Loaf and Skillet Gravy $14.00 $13.00
New York Strip Steak*
Topped with grilled mushrooms and caramelized onions.
$18.00 $17.00
Baby Sister's Backyard-Style Ribs
Half or Full Slab of barbeque style ribs slathered in a tangy sauce.
Barbeque-Style Rib Tips
Short, meaty sections of ribs grilled to perfect tenderness and finished with our tangy sauce.
$14.00 $13.00
B & C's Fried Chicken
Southern fried to perfection. Add $2 each for white meat or waffles.
$15.00 $14.00
Roasted Chicken
Seasoned half chicken roasted to juicy perfection. May also be smothered with home-style gravy or glazed with BBQ Sauce for $1 more.
$15.00 $14.00
Ocean Perch
Cornmeal dusted and fried to perfection.
$15.00 $14.00
Farm Raised Catfish
Broiled, blackened, sautéed or fried.
$16.00 $15.00
Fresh Salmon Croquettes
Fresh salmon patties sautéed and drizzled with a roasted red pepper sauce. Garnished with portobello mushrooms.
$17.00 $16.00
Lousiana Gumbo Salmon*
Cajun grilled salmon filet smothered in gumbo.
$17.00 $16.00
Tempura Shrimp*
Large shrimp tempura battered and fried. Choice of cocktail sauce or barbeque sauce.
$17.00 $16.00
Tempura Lobster Tails*
Twin lobster tails dipped in tempura batter and lightly fried.
Shrimp & Grits*
Cajun grilled shrimp and andouille sausage served in buttery grits.
$17.00 $16.00
Bayou Combo
Select 3 of the following meats:
Pork Chops, catfish, wings, tempura shrimp, rib tips or salmon croquette..
$18.00 $17.00
Vegetarian Plate
Choice of three sides.
* Consuming shellfish, raw or uncooked foods may increase your risk of food borne illnesses.
Side Plates
  Collard Greens $4
  Black-eyed Peas
  Green Beans
  White Rice
  Candied Sweet Potatoes $4
  Hoppin' John
  Coleslaw $3
  Fries $3
  Fried Okra $3
  Pasta Salad
  Garden Salad
  Country Corn
  Mashed Potatoes
  Potato Salad
  Macaroni and Cheese
  Red Beans & Rice $3
  Tomatoes & Onions $1
  Cornbread Dressing (Sunday Only) $3

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